32. Aaron COPPOCK was born on Sep 20 1762. He died on Feb 22 1837 in Miami County, Ohio. Aaron was born in Pennsylvania or Maryland before his father moved to South Carolina. He was granted a certificate of removal from Bush River Monthly Meeting, Newberry County, South Carolina on October 29, 1796. He reappears at the Newhope Monthly Meeting, Greene County, Tennessee on December 31, 1796. This meeting is sometimes described as being in North Carolina.

Aaron was "chosen overseer" by the Newhope Monthly Meeting, Greene County, Tennesee on February 26, 1803, and "made a minister" by that Meeting on June 18, 1808. The family left that Meeting on November 17, 1817, and were received at Newberry (later Friendsville) Monthly Meeting, Blount County Tennessee on January 3, 1818. They removed from there on November 1, 1828, and were received in the Union Monthly Meeting, Miami County, Ohio, on February 7, 1829. Aaron's will is in the Miami County Probate Court. In it he left "my Book Servits history of the Society of Friends" to his grandson Aaron Coppock (Luke Aaron White?). Could this be the same book bequeathed by John Coppock to his sone John Junior? All other books were divided equally among Aaron's sons, "except my family bible which I leave to my son Aaron in the State of Tenisee." Could this be the "Large Bible" which Abigail COPPOCK purchased from the estate of her husband, John COPPOCK Jr.? He was married to Margaret TUCKER on Feb 9 1797 in Little Limestone, Washington County, Tennessee.

33. Margaret TUCKER was buried in Miami County, Ohio. Records of Lost Creek Monthly Meeting, Jefferson County, Tennessee show that Margaret COPPUCK was received there "by request" on February 17, 1798. Children were:

child i. John COPPOCK was born on Oct 14 1798. He died in 1850 in Grant County, Indiana. John removed to Newberry (later Friendsville) Monthly Meeting Blount County, Tennessee (from Newhope?) on April 19, 1817, and was received at Newhope on June 7 the same year. Aaron's entire family followed withdrawing from Newhope on November 17, 1817, and entering Newberry on January 3, 1818. After marrying he "condemned his marriage contrary to discipline." John had other troubles with the Meeting. On April 6, 1822 he "condemned his making abet on running horses." On July 5, 1828 John "and family" withdrew from Newberry and moved to Ohio where they associated with Union Monthly Meeting, Miami County on September 6, 1828. John's daughter, Dorcas, told her nephew, Edward R. COPPOCK, of her trip north. "They were poor mountain folk and moved by ox carts, all the children walking barefoot." In 1838 the family moved to Grant County, Indiana, where they later bought a quarter section of government land.
child ii. Abraham COPPOCK was born on Mar 24 1799. Questionable date according to Johns's birth date.
child iii. Elizabeth COPPOCK was born on Mar 21 1801.
child16 iv. Aaron COPPOCK Junior.
child v. Abigail COPPOCK was born on Dec 28 1805.
child vi. Josiah COPPOCK was born on Dec 10 1807. He died on Dec 15 1847.
child vii. Elijah COPPOCK was born on Jul 27 1809. Elisha's twin.
child viii. Elisha COPPOCK was born on Jul 27 1809. Elijah's twin.
child ix. Margaret COPPOCK.

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