64. John COPPOCK Junior was born on Nov 18 1736. He died after Jul 19 1801 in Newberry, South Carolina. Will was dated 7/19/1801 so death was after that. John was born either in Pennsylvania or Maryland. John and Abigail removed from the East Nottingham, Cecil County, Maryland, Monthly Meeting on July 26,1777, and were received in the Bush River Monthly Meeting, Newberry County, South Carolina, a year later on July 25,1778. John's will (signed in a very shaky hand) is in Newberry County, South Carolina, along with extensive estate records. He left 70 acres of land to his son Aaron, who never qualified as his executor. the land left to him was transferred to his brother-in-law Benjamin WEEKS. Abigail signed the deed by a mark, while her son John wrote his name out. The estate sale records show that Abigail purchased a "Large Bible" for 4 shillings, 8 pence.

"About 1802, moved by a desire to live in a country where no slaves were held, Friends of Bush River began to migrate to Ohio. Between 1802 and 1807 more than one hundred certificates of removal were issued, most of them being for families. this so depleted the membership that the monthly meeting seems to have been all but abandoned in 1808, but not formally laid down until 1822." HINSHAW, Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy (1936), p. 1015.

65. Abigail SKILLERN died in 1818. Children were:

child32 i. Aaron COPPOCK.
child ii. John COPPOCK was born on Aug 20 1766. They were recieved into the Miami Monthly Meeting, Warren County, Ohio on September 12,1805 on a certificate of transfer from the Wrightsboro Monthly Meeting Georgia dated March 30, 1805.
child iii. Susanna COPPOCK was born on Nov 11 1769. In December 1795 she removed her membership to Newhope Monthly Meeting, Tennessee.
child iv. Marget COPPOCK was born on Dec 20 1771.
child v. Abigail COPPOCK was born on Feb 28 1774. Benjamin and family were granted a certificate of transfer to the West Branch Monthly Meeting, Ohio, on 8/28/1814.
child vi. Mary COPPOCK was born on Jun 16 1776. The Bush River Monthly Meeting disowned Mary on 6/24/1793 "for marrying out of unity." In January, 1794, the minutes report that friends had been appointed to treat with Mary, but "she gave a condemnation to this meeting which friends at this time thought not proper to receive." She was disowned.
child vii. Isaac COPPOCK was born on Dec 2 1779. In August 1796 the Bush River Monthly Meeting, Newberry County, South Carolina found Isaac guilty of gaining and keeping "unpreferable" company. He made amends, so was not disowned. The amends did not last, for he was finally disowned by the Bush River group on February 24, 1798 for "dancing and keeping company."
child viii. Samuel COPPOCK was born on Nov 1 1783. This may be the Samuel Copic who was "disowned for marrying contrary to discipline" on October 24, 1807 by the Newhope Monthly Meeting, Greene County Tennessee.
child ix. Ann COPPOCK was born on Mar 8 1781. She died on Sep 11 1870. She was buried in Union County, Ohio. She was disowned by the Bush River Monthly Meeting on 7/28/1798 for marrying "out of unity" and "likewise has had a child too soon after marriage."
child x. Prudence COPPOCK. She is mentioned in the will of her father. She must be the "Prudence ELLIS (formerly COPPOCK) to be visited," who is listed in the September 17, 1808 minutes of Newhope Monthly Meeting, Greene County, Tennessee, where her brother Aaron was a minister.

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