16. Aaron COPPOCK Junior was born on Oct 11 1802 in Greene County, Tennessee?. Aaron Jr. moved with his family to Blount County, Tennessee from Greene County in 1818. Aaron Jr. remained in Tennessee when his father moved to Ohio in 1828. They appear on the 1830 census of Rhea County, Tennessee, with two children under age 5. The 1850 census found them in McMinn County, Tennessee, with seven children.

Aaron Jr. and Olive lived in Saline County prior to March 29, 1855, when their daughter Margaret Ann married. Aaron Olive and four children appear on the census of 1860. Their is a signature on a deed (April 2, 1866) to G.W.R. COPPOCK which is in doubt and may have been forged. Aaron Jr. was absent by 1870 when the census shows only Olive living with her son George in Saline Township, Saline County. Olive appears on the 1880 census still living with George, his wife, three daughters and brother Luke in Shaw Township, Saline County. He was married to Olive CARROLL on Nov 12 1827.

17. Olive CARROLL . Olive filed a claim with the Southern Claims Commission following the Civil War (Claim No. 5730, Cong. Ref. No. 5203) The commission was created in 1871 by an act of Congress to settle the claims of loyal Southerners for stores and supplies taken by the Union Army during the Civil War. Olive's statement of February 6, 1872 describes the seizure on May 4, 1864 of her livestock and supplies by Union forces retreating form the Battle of Jenkin's Ferry. She claimed compensation of $660. The claim was denied for inadequate proof of loyalty. She was still pursuing the claim on August 18, 1888, when she signed a power of attorney authorizing Nashville and Washington lawyers to represent her. That is the latest date that we know she was alive.

Her 1872 claim stated that during the war she lived six miles from Benton. She was hard pressed to show that she was loyal to the Union. The most she could say was that she was indifferent toward the Confederacy, and always thought the Federals would win. "I did nothing for the Union cause except to give soldiers food when they asked it. They would have taken it anyhow." She had three sons in the Rebel Army, "one was conscripted before he was old enough." She had a brother in the Union Army, and "heard that one of my sons was in the Union Army." That may have been John. There is no evidence that he accompanied his parents on the trip from Tennessee to Arkansas.

Olive stated that "My husband was at home when the war began but went north shortly after and never returned. My husband was a Union man, he went north because his sympathies were on the side of the union. He was too old to go into the army." Aaron Jr.'s name was on the deeds of November 18, 1865 which deeded over the land to his sons G.W.R. and L.A.W. Could this have been a forgery? His signatures were witnessed by his daughter-in-law Martha E. Coppock, and Louiza ROWLAND. An affidavit supporting Olive's claim was given by Churby M. KING, who said he had known her since 1858. Olive listed the following as witness to her loyalty: Green L. ROWLAND, John FINLEY, Sol W. SHAW, James FINLEY, and Moses THOMPSON. Named as witnesses to the incident were: John FINLEY, Green L. ROWLAND, and Olive's "daughters" Mary Coppock (Alfred's wife) and Elizabeth WEAVER. Children were:

child i. Carroll C. COPPOCK was born on Apr 23 1830 in Tennessee.
child8 ii. Alfred H. (Henry?) COPPOCK.
child iii. John COPPOCK was born on Jul 5 1833 in Tennessee.
child iv. Margret Ann COPPOCK was born on Nov 19 1835 in Tennessee.
child v. Elizabeth COPPOCK was born on Aug 7 1837 in Tennessee.
child vi. Henry COPPOCK was born on Jun 9 1839 in Tennessee. May have died young since his name did not appear in the 1850 census.
child vii. George Washington Right COPPOCK was born on Sep 5 1841 in Tennessee. He died on Apr 14 1917 in Nevada County, Arkansas. He was buried in Snell Cemetery, Emmet, Arkansas. Enlisted in the Confederate Army 7/16/1861 Co. C. Third Ark. Cavalry. Both he and Alfred were in the battle of Chicakamauga, where Alfred was captured. George was living in Shaw Township when the 1880 census was taken, with his wife, his mother, his brother Luke and their 3 daughters.
child viii. Louisa COPPOCK was born about 1843 in Tennessee.
child ix. Harrison COPPOCK was born about 1844 in Tennessee.
child x. Luke Aaron White COPPOCK was born on Apr 23 1846 in Tennessee. He was buried on May 10 1901 in Bryant Cemetery, Route 183, Bryant, Arkansas.
child xi. Unnamed Infant COPPOCK was born on Apr 17 1848.
child xii. Blount COPPOCK was born on Mar 17 1851 in Tennessee.
child xiii. Spenser Jonigan COPPOCK was born on Apr 10 1852 in Tennessee.

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