512. John COPPOCK(9) was born in 1636. He died on Dec 31 1709. Coppocks come from England, in the area surrounding Chester. Their names appear in many documents in the parishes of Wilmslow and Mobberly beginning in the 16th century. Cheshire and Lancashire records show COPPOCK men to have been skinners, tanners, slaters, plasterers, barbers, weavers, apothecaries, tobacconists, farmers, and yeomen (small land owners). The name was consistently spelled COPPOCKE until the mid-17th century when the terminal "e" disappeared and the name settled into COPPOCK, which it has remained.

Fifteenth and sixteenth century English records yield more COPPOCKS than we can possibly sort out. However, we can be relatively certain of the name of the father of the first American COPPOCK. He was John Coppock of Mobberly, where he was born about 1636, and died December 31,1709. He may be the John Coppock who was baptized in Wilmslow on August 17, 1636, the son of Bartholomew COPPOCK and Margerie WHELTON. It is certain that he married Susann LOWE at Mobberly on June 4, 1662. she was born about 1632, and buried October 18, 1684 in Mobberly. The Mobberly christening book records five births to the couple. He was married to Susan LOWE on Jun 4 1662.

513. Susan LOWE was born in 1632. She died about Oct 18 1684. Date could be 10/8/1684 Children were:

child i. Rose COPPOCK(9) was baptized on Nov 30 1662 in Mobberly England.
child ii. Francis COPPOCK was baptized on Jul 24 1664 in Mobberly England. He (or she) was buried on Jan 30 1665 in Mobberly England. May have been 1666 instead of 1665
child256 iii. Aaron COPPOCK.
child iv. Hannah COPPOCK(9) was baptized on Apr 25 1669 in Mobberly England.
child v. Martha COPPOCK(9) was baptized on Apr 9 1671. She died on Jan 10 1709. Date may have been 1710 instead of 1709.

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