256. Aaron COPPOCK (9) was baptized on Feb 6 1666 in Mobberly England. Date may have been 1667 instead of 1666 He died on Oct 10 1726. He was christened an Anglican in England, and buried a Quaker in what was then Pennsylvania. In the years between he married twice, first about 1688 to Mary ORRELL? who apparently died before Aaron reached Pennsylvania. there were apparently six children born of this union.

Aaron joined the Society of Friends by 1695, when he was fined for failing to pay his tithe to the Church of England. He left for Pennsylvania in 1701. His removal certificate from Mobberly Monthly Meeting is dated September 3, of that year, and says, "Aaron Coppock, being already gone to Bristol [the port of embarcation], himself and family." Use of the word "family" may indicate that his wife was still alive.

On December 11, 1704 Aaron married Miriam (SHORT-THOMPSON) White, daughter of Adam (?) and Miriam (INGRAM) SHORT, at Upper Chichester Friends Meeting, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It was Miriam's third marriage. She and Aaron had three children.

The couple moved to Nottingham Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania, about 1713 where Aaron filled the position of church elder, overseer, and finally, minister of the Nottingham Meeting. Aaron's will is dated the 3rd day of the 10th month (i.e. December), 1726, at Nottingham, where he was buried in the Friends Burying Ground. The border was moved after the Mason-Dixon line was surveyed, and the cemetery is now in Cecil County, Maryland, at the intersection of Routes 272 and 273. there are no headstones, since Quakers of the day viewed them as idolotrous. Aaron's will is in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He named Miriam, his "loving and wellbeloved wife" his executrix. He was married to Miriam Short-Thompson WHITE on Dec 11 1704 in Upper Chichester Friends Meeting, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. This was Miriam's third marriage.

257. Miriam Short-Thompson WHITE. Children were:

child i. Miriam COPPOCK was born in 1706.
child ii. Lydia COPPOCK was born in 1707.
child128 iii. John COPPOCK.

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