New Pictures

October 1998

9 Grandchildren and Cathy carrying the 10th at Jason's Birthday Party. Dylan was the only one not looking, but I've got a good picture of him a little further down.

Jamie #1

Jamie #2

Jamie #3 with Patty and Daniel

jamie #4 with Mama Cathy

Levi at Amanda's Birthday Party

Dylan at Amanda's Birthday Party

Daniel with his Uncle Aaron

Rags playing with Patty

Amanda, Katie, and Daniel

Don Skiles, Doug Coppock, Jim Green, Morris Tyler, and Ronnie Raybon standing in front of our newly painted trailer. Gordy couldn't make it this year.



August 1998

Backyard #1 swatting flys

Backyard #2 Aaron and Andrea in front of the new grill, I hardly ever get the chance to use it.... Jeff usually cooks

Backyard #4 Drew and Kathy

Daniel - he'll have big sisters combing that curly hair I'll bet

Katie fishing for crawfish in the ditch?

Katie striking a pose

Katie striking another pose

Levi waiting around in his carseat for dinner to be ready

Rags (our new puppy, Dennis sent him home with us)

Sanibel Island #1 Jim, Jeannie, and Patty and a banion tree

Sanibel Island #2 Patty and Jeannie at the front door of the condo

Sanibel Island #3 Doug and Jim after a round of golf amid the alligators

Sanibel Island #4 Inside the condo, making music

Sanibel Island #5 at the bar in the condo

Sanibel Island #6 Doug, kicked back...

Sanibel Island #7 You can't see the beach, but it's back there somewhere

Sanibel Island #8 The view from the beach to the condo

Sanibel Island #9 Doug and Patty at a scenic shopping center

Sanibel Island #10 more at the shopping center

Sanibel Island #11 same place in front of a banion tree

Sanibel Island #12 Patty kicked back

Sanibel Island #13 some of the shells we brought home

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