Newer Pictures.... ( I should probably get rid of the old ones...)


These were taken with our new digital camera. It's a hoot!!

Amanda 10.19.2000.jpg (42011 bytes)Daniel 10.19.2000.jpg (22180 bytes)

New Camera, looking for subjects.... found two next door....

Patty 10.18.2000.jpg (51967 bytes)

What a smile....

most of the family on the deck 2000.10.29b.jpg (58891 bytes)Grandkids on the deck 2000.10.29.jpg (57642 bytes)basketball 2000.10.29.g.jpg (96903 bytes)James 2000.10.29.jpg (30986 bytes)Daniel 2000.10.29.jpg (40184 bytes)

A little get together to celebrate ripping out the carpet in the living room (we went back to hardwood floors) and also celebrating the new deck. Aaron and Andrea didn't make it to this one.

Jeff Robin and the kids.a.jpg (60202 bytes)Jeff Robin and the kids.b.jpg (66626 bytes)

On the way to church, I made them stop for pictures.

laura paul and dylan Christmas 2000a.jpg (27444 bytes)

The Christmas Picture.

12.25.2000a.jpg (58192 bytes)12.25.2000b.jpg (61238 bytes)12.25.2000c.jpg (40511 bytes)12.25.2000d.jpg (62320 bytes)12.25.2000e.jpg (42774 bytes)

Just a few pictures from Christmas, I didn't take many. We were in a hurry to get the meal in before the sleet and freezing rain started.

Some pictures of the ice storm:

ice 12.28.2000a.jpg (94193 bytes)    The first is from across the street, no damage to the car!!

ice 12.28.2000b.jpg (89932 bytes) Just a look at the maple hanging down and the ice on the eaves at 223 Center

ice 12.28.2000c.jpg (74046 bytes) This is across the street looking back to the north. Can you see the downed cable?

ice 12.28.2000d.jpg (99453 bytes) This is 221 from the south. The old cedar split in two and just barely missed the house.

ice 12.28.2000e.jpg (85486 bytes) same tree from the west (from the back yard)

ice 12.28.2000f.jpg (98580 bytes) Jeff and Robin's house.... no damage.

ice 12.28.2000g.jpg (106978 bytes) Looking west from our back yard. A lot of wood on the ground in our neighbor's yard.

ice 12.28.2000h.jpg (96648 bytes) Looking toward Bruce from Jeff and Robin's carport.

Rags 10.27.2000..jpg (23976 bytes)Rags 12.28.2000a.jpg (41667 bytes)rags 12.28.2000b.jpg (47452 bytes)

Just a few pictures of Rags the last 2 featuring his new sweater to keep the puppy warm in the inclement weather.