28. Azel Cathey SHARPE was born on Jul 10 1810. Elsewhere in Aunt Bevan's bible, the birth date is November 1810. He died on Sep 19 1867. Listed as 1861 in another location. I have some dates written down, but don't know how they connect: 6/3/1834, 1804-1867, and 5/1/1833. He was married to Jane CLARY on May 1 1833 in Alexander, North Carolina.

29. Jane CLARY was born on Aug 19 1813 in Iredell County, North Carolina (was Rowan Co.). She died on Dec 7 1888 in Iredell County, North Carolina (was Rowan Co.). In Hazel's notes it says that Jane was the oldest child of Richard Clary, but elsewhere it appears that three of her sisters (Sally, Elizabeth, and Dovie) were born in 1809, 1816, an 1823 respectively. I have 1830 written down by her name and don't know what it represents. Children were:

child14 i. James Franklin SHARPE.
child ii. Thomas J. SHARPE was born about 1835.
child iii. Richard N. SHARPE was born about 1838.
child iv. I. N. SHARPE was born about 1840.
child v. M. A. SHARPE was born about 1843.
child vi. C. I. SHARPE was born about 1844.
child vii. S. Jane SHARPE was born about 1846.
child viii. Martha C. SHARPE was born about 1848.
child ix. Susan E. SHARPE was born about 1850.
child x. David D. SHARPE was born about 1855.

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