Okay, now we get to the truth of the matter.... how much do you really want to know.... and since we all know this site is not being put up by a fan club base, the author is probably Doug Coppock himself, right???? Right!! Well I hope that's okay. I'm doing my best to be humble and not make any claims that I can't back up. If you've arrived at this page, my best guess is that you either took a wrong turn somewhere or you really want to know a little more about me. I'll be glad to oblige you in either case....If you don't really want to know more.... then you should go home now....

Otherwise here is the true story about how Doug Coppock arrived at this place, space, and time:

First there was The Emeralds. They formed in 1958, they almost hit the big time, but as luck would have it, the big time hit them.... They were together for about 5 years and were as close or closer than most brothers.

Doug then settled down and raised a family, and led a relatively normal life for the next decade or so.

After a hiatus of more than 13 years, the Emeralds were asked to reunite for a Bi-centennial High School Reunion for Brownfield High School. They did, in fact, reunite in 1976, again in 1981 and ever since that time have played for the "Annual Emeralds Reunion Dance" in Brownfield Texas. In the process they have become the oldest living and working rock and roll band in West Texas.


The Emeralds opening for Gary P. Nunn at the Brownfield Independence Day Celebration in 1997

The man with the big hat... he's buying...

After the Emeralds went on their extended sabbatical, Doug worked for 30 some odd years at legitimate daytime jobs, while continuing to play in bands and make music for pleasure and part-time income. There's a lot of the story that I'll leave out at this point and may supply later, but to keep it brief....

In 1986, Doug found a soul-mate that shared his vision for what he thought life should be (more on that in the future). In 1988 they married and through a strange set of circumstances found themselves transposed from Houston Texas to Conway Arkansas.  Since 1986, Doug has resumed writing songs, and begun to focus on  other people's songs that tell stories, or have lyrics that say something about life and how it works. In January of 1998, Doug embarked on a solo career. The goal was to share songs that people might not otherwise hear. Songs that might be thought of as eclectic, or story songs, or songs written by great writers that nobody has ever heard of.... yet..., or .... well, you get the idea.... Check the songlist which might give you some idea as to who Doug thinks are writers that have a lot to say.... But there are so many wonderful songs and so little time. 

As of 2003, the solo career has been laid aside. Fellow Central Arkansas singer songwriter Dan Clanton, along with bassist Brooks Walthall have formed a group called Happenstance. A CD will be available in April containing songs from all three group members. Check out all the news and the schedule at Happenstance-Music.com!!

Over the past 40 years or so, there have been many fans.... no, make that friends, that have offered support and encouragement that have helped me continue on. I appreciate their support and am proud to have them as friends.

The Adventure continues.....

So your Grandma's boyfriend's name was what? (and he's thinking, 'Where did Kinnaman find this guy?')

Doug in Brownfield Texas

The Dennis Elrod Semi-Annual Golf Tournament

You can reach Doug at doug@dougcoppock.com

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